Treating high blood pressure with monopril
July 2, 2013 Patients
Treating high blood pressure

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I am a patient of hypertension for years and have tried a number of medications to control high blood pressure. And about a year back, my doctor advised me to start taking Monopril. Here is my personal hypertension treatment log and list of side effects of this medication.

It one of the few medicines for hypertension whose intensity of side effects diminishes with time. During the early days, when I started taking it, I had some sleeping disorders and thus was not able to sleep properly. I experienced a mild decrease in libido along with increased itchiness.

I also had palpitations and was not able to bear the sun at all. I preferred to stay indoors and kept my air conditioner on through out day and night. Like other medicines for high blood pressure, even this medication comes with the side effect of dry coughing. It was totally unbearable. I had sleepless nights because of that.

The intake of Monopril also damaged my kidney along with a small decline in white blood cells. My doctor was not pretty happy with the development but decided to try with this medication for some time.

I was also not able to concentrate properly. I often use to forget what activity I was supposed to do after taking my dose of this medication. I was often lightheaded as it used to lower my BP more than required.

Then my doctor increased the dose of this ACE inhibitor. This also affected my emotions extremely, so I often used to cry and felt that I would have a nervous breakdown soon.

But with time, all these problems of fatigue, sleeping disturbances, pain, kidney problem and others passed away. Now I hardly experience palpitation and coughing.

Because this treatment for hypertension and regular dose of Monopril, my BP is also under control. Monopril is among those few medicines for high blood pressure that do not have side effects for long.

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