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BloodPressureMagazine.com mission is to provide health information about normal blood pressure range, and about hypertension and hypotension diseases. We want to keep peoples informed about high and low blood pressure diseases which affect almost 95% of world population.

At our website you will find normal blood pressure chart, articles on how to keep your bp in healthy range. We also providing list of signs and symptoms of high and low blood pressure and list of natural remedies to keep this diseases under control.

80% of articles was written by professional doctors, and it was published at aBloodPressure.com before. However due to major changes in google search engine, we decided to launch new site BloodPressureMagazine.com. At this new site you will find all articles  from aBloodPressure.com (with latest updates)  plus lost of new material including videos, charts and infographics.

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