Hypertension and High Blood Pressure Treatment Options
June 28, 2013 Treatment

If you suffer from hypertension, high blood pressure treatment should be a priority as this condition can lead to other diseases. It is the increased pressure of flow of blood in the arteries. These arteries and vessels are responsible for the conduction of blood from the pumping heart to all the other organs of the body.

This disease is not always because of an excessive amount of stress or tension, which can be just a temporary cause of the problem. Normal BP is considered to be 120/80. The pressure between the normal range and 139/89 is called pre-hypertension while pressure above 140/90 can be very dangerous and is known as HBP disease.

Following are some of the options for the treatment of HBP that can help keep your blood pressure under control.

high blood pressure treatment

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Lifestyle modifications are very important in keeping the blood pressure normal. Drinking alcohol excessively can increase your chances of having HBP up to several fold. Having above five drinks per day can make the connection between your alcohol intake and hypertension very noticeable.

Smoking is another dangerous factor as it is responsible for vascular complications. It has been proven that smoking can repeatedly produce an incremental increase in the BP of about 5 to 10 mmHg. A way of controlling HBP is to quit smoking or switch to electronic cigarettes.

With the help of studies, it is now known that consuming dietary salt of less than 6 grams per day can be very beneficial in the reduction of BP and preventing the chances of occurrence of hypertension.

Hypertension diet

Maintain a diet for high blood pressure that contains less than 4 grams of salt. One should avoid adding too much salt in food or cooking. Today, information regarding salt is provided on labels. By monitoring your salt intake and with the help of natural salt, your diet can be properly managed.

Adding potassium in your diet can also help significantly in the lowering of HBP since it has been demonstrated that people who consume high amounts of potassium are less likely to receive treatment for hypertension disease. The best sources of potassium are melons, bananas, oranges and spinach, etc.

Natural high blood pressure treatment (using remedies) is possible, but it require more time.

Dietary approaches to reduce hypertension include the consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains along with low fat dairy products. Some dietary supplements reviewed at including garlic have also been considered for the treatment of HBP disease.

The major high blood pressure treatment options are combinations of BP medication that can be prescribed by doctors along with other hypertension remedies that can reduce it (like garlic). These drugs are given in combination, in very small amounts, so that they can aid in the reduction of the side effects while enhancing the anti-hypertensive actions of the real drugs and medications.

For lowering blood pressure, beta-blockers and diuretics are given. They have been shown to improve the BP of patients, and can either be used in combination or alone.

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