Major causes of high blood pressure in women

Every woman should be aware of common causes of high blood pressure in women. By understanding the causes, you can avoid hypertension as much as possible.

Once you become aware of causes of hypertension, then it will be much easier for you to stay away from them. You can start taking precautionary measures as soon as you know the major causes of the disease.

causes of high blood pressure in women

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When attempting to gain health information about what causes HBP disease, you have to keep in mind that the condition comes in two major types. The first one is the essential hypertension. This is a condition that has no identifiable cause.

Hypertension diagnosis

Common causes of high blood pressure in women under this type include your age, stress, a huge amount of fat and salt in your diet, and family history. These factors are capable of increasing your BP.

The second major type of hypertension is secondary high blood pressure. This is a result of an underlying condition such as an infection in your kidney. Symptoms of high blood pressure under this type include the narrowing of your arteries and the regular intake of medicines such as contraceptive pills.

Secondary hypertension can also be caused by the constant intake of illegal substances such as drugs. It should also be noted that this disease does not have symptoms. The only way for you to determine if you are already suffering from HBP is to visit your doctor so that your BP will be constantly checked.

Increased blood pressure during pregnancy period in women is normal and shouldn’t be considered as hypertension disease.

Another major cause of HBP is an increased intake of sodium. You are at risk of getting an elevated blood pressure if you are someone who is sensitive to salt and sodium and you consume foods that are high in it. The only way for you to deal with HBP disease caused by sodium is to reduce your consumption of it.

You should stay away from processed or fast foods as these are known to contain high levels of salt. Other causes of hypertension are excessive intake of alcohol and the regular intake of diet pills, cold or allergy pills, and amphetamines.

Excessive tobacco smoking and alcohol drinking are also said to be reasons for HBP disease. If you are an excessive smoker, then you should consider cutting out this habit to prevent the risk of suffering from hypertension. You need to realize that the lack of exercise can also increase your chances of getting the disease.

So, most common causes of HBP in females are smoking, being obese or overweight, thyroid or adrenal disorders, genetics, family history, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, older age, stress, alcohol abuse, too much salt in the diet, lack of physical activity, some types of treatment and medication.

Hypertension can lead to heart attack, heart stroke, cardiovascular diseases, different heart conditions, and even kidney failure.

You have to exercise all of your muscles including the muscles in your heart to maintain their strength and tone. After familiarizing yourself with common causes of high blood pressure in women, ask yourself if it is time for you to make some changes in your lifestyle (to a healthy one) so you can avoid this serious disease.

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