Stress and High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
June 29, 2013 Stress

It very important to know the link between stress and high blood pressure (hypertension) disease. Medical science has proven that high levels of stress cause hypertension in the human body.

Not long ago, it was said to be just a minor contributor to hypertension, but, in fact, this problem and anxiety are a major contributor to hypertension.

Can stress cause Hypertension?

Stress and high blood pressure

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More people dealing with this issues are seeking anxiety relief and relaxation as a remedy for the problem of hypertension. Whenever you face it, hormone levels in the body quickly rise; when such changes in the body occur chronically, they can easily lead to problems such as HBP levels.

It also plays a role in secondary hypertension. Hypertension might be caused by other organic reasons but ultimately stress plays a role in raising blood pressure.

So higher levels of stress mean higher levels of HB, which pretty much makes sense. Thus, controlling anxiety can also control your BP levels. This is actually good news because you can control stress and thus BP without emptying your pockets on doctors and medications (like antidepressants, Prozac, Zoloft, Cipralex, etc); it is effective and quick.

If you are seeking ways to deal with your stress and high blood pressure disease without the use of drugs, target stress management. Your BP control regime should start off with some simple lifestyle modifications along with learning what stress management is.

By combining these techniques with doctor’s advice, your BP problem will quickly improve and put you in your control.

Here is how to reduce increased BP due to this factors and anxiety.

Not getting enough sleep will keep you stressed out and even small problems will seem big and create tension. Get at least eight hours of night sleep regularly. When you sleep well, your mind and body recover from all the exhaustion and the damage they faced throughout the day. It is important that you fully recover before starting the next day.

Exercise is the best treatment for HBP. Exercising on a daily basis is something that not only keeps your body energized, but your mind energized as well; therefore, make it a habit. Go for aerobic and cardio exercises to make sure that your heart stays in good shape and blood circulation is enhanced. At the same time, you will lose weight. Through the stress hypertension link, weight gain creates a double health hazard.

Yes, obese people are said to be more prone towards BP problems. Fix your diet plan and consume healthy foods that have essential nutrients and vitamins. Eat veggies, fruits, and fish rather than junk food all the time.

Say goodbye to fast food places and say hello to healthy home cooked meals. Every day make some time focus on yourself and just relax. If there is something slowly stressing you from inside; say it out loud, tell it to someone and release the load off your shoulders.

Tackle reducing your daily stress and high blood pressure risk factors now. As other life events develop, you will be in better physical health to handle them. Anxiety and pregnancy, for example, are also strongly linked. Lower your risk of hypertension disease today for a healthier tomorrow.

Learn how to control blood pressure without medication using natural home remedies and dietary supplements.

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