Lora’s HBP natural treatment

HBP natural treatment

by Jenn Durfey under CC BY


As a patient with high blood pressure, I was under numerous medications for my BP.

To lower blood pressure naturally, I would do anything I could possibly do. I removed all caffeine and salt  from my diet.

I ate more bananas as it added potassium to help keep my electrolytes balanced.

I also ate celery, usually 4 stalks per day because there was a report of a patients BP dropping 50 points in just a matter of weeks by doing this.

I also consumed 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, this is an old remedy that my mom told me about and of course I drank a ton of water. I also increased my daily routine of getting exercise.

My exercise habits were poor. I found that increasing my exercise helped my blood flow and also helped to decrease my BP. Another secret to my success is eating oatmeal for breakfast on a daily basis.

My doctor also prescribed a clove of raw garlic and yes, those bananas. This suggestion worked in a matter of 5 days. It lowered my blood pressure by nearly 20 points systolic and the bottom number went down nearly 30 points.

I removed all the salts, starchy foods, butter and junk foods from my diet. This has enabled me to have more energy and to feel more healthy in general. Also, limiting my intake of steak and fried foods have proven to be extremely helpful.

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