Normal Body Temperature: Normothermia or Euthermia
July 17, 2013 Health
Body Temperature

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Measuring the body temperature (also known as normothermia or euthermia) is necessary. It is measured to see the body’s actual health in case one is suspected to be sick. As defined by science, body temperature is the body’s capability of producing heat, and get rid of heat simultaneously. The body is fully able to normalize the internal temperature even when the outside environment becomes too hot or too cold.

For humans, healthy temperature of the body is generally around 98 degree Fahrenheit (36.4-37 degree Celsius range).

The mechanism of the body to normalize the body is quite amazing. When the weather gets too hot, the vessels will begin to expand and, so the person experiences sweating. Yes, sweating is a way of regulating the temperature from different factors like the outside weather, physical activity and many more. When the surroundings get too cold, the blood vessels narrows down. This is to preserve the heat that is produced in the body. This is where the person shivers. Shivering means that the human body is contracting the muscles as it needs to conserve the heat as much as possible.

Most of the time, the body temperature rises (Hyperthermia) due to sickness. It is common to have a fever when an infection sets in. The infection differs in severity, depending on the health problem that one has acquired. The infection can affect one part or the whole body. There are also other medications that can cause fever. These medications are antibiotics, antihistamines, narcotics, barbiturates, and many others. These medicines can interfere with the natural function of the body, one of which is the regulation of the body temperature.

People may also experience high body temperature when there is a physical trauma. Examples of these are stroke, heart attack, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, burns, and physical accidents. Fever is a sign that there is something wrong in the internal part of the body, and so it has to be immediately treated. Other medical conditions are arthritis, skin problems, leukemia, hormonal imbalance, injury to the hypothalamus, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, lung cancer, liver cancer, hyperthyroidism, ischemic heart disease, etc.

How to Know the Body Temperature

It is essential to know how to measure the right body temperature. This is especially true to moms who need to take care of their children. Most fevers (high temperatures) in children are serious conditions and physician attention is required.

Of course, everyone in the family should be guided well on how to know the normal body temperature. This is to immediately address a health problem before it gets worst. Here are different ways on how to measure the body temperature:

  • The Use of Oral Methods. One of the common methods of measuring the body temperature us by the use oral measurements. In this method, the thermometer is placed inside the mouth for a few minutes. It accurately measures the temperature, providing convenience especially for children. The normal temperature should be 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit , anything higher than that indicates fever, and lower temperature means hypothermia or low of body temperature. Hypothermia indicates dangers in health and so this should be treated immediately.
  • Armpit Measurement. For people who are not comfortable with taking their temperature in their mouth, the next best body part is the armpit. As compared to the first method, armpit measurement provides lesser accuracy, and the thermometer might stay in the armpit longer than when it is placed in the mouth. A temperature of 97.6 degrees Fahrenheit is an indication that the person has a normal body temperature.
  • Rectal Measurement. Compared to the first two methods, this is the most accurate one. The thermometer is inserted in the anus, and accurately measure the internal temperature faster. The normal temperature is 99.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 36.4 degrees Celsius. This method is usually done when a person is immobile or when a baby is needed to be checked-up for the health condition.

These are the three body parts that can be considered to obtain the body temperature. Nowadays, there are lots of tools to measure the body temperature. One of which is the electronic gadgets. These electronic gadgets are battery-operated and can measure the temperature in an accurate manner. It also has a timer and indicator, to determine if the tool is finished measuring the temperature. This type of thermometer needs to be calibrated regularly. This is to make sure that the gadget will still accurately do a measurement over a specific period of time.

In airports and public places, there are gadget that can measure the temperature of a person using a scanner. This is to identify a person who is currently sick. Sick people are singled out because they pose a threat to the general populous. The use of these scanners became popular when flu virus became a major concern. The virus may spread from one person to the next, especially when a particular person arrives from an infected country. The fever scanners cannot measure accurately as compared to body thermometers, but it can identify if a person has a high body temperature.

These are the basics of body temperature that everyone needs to know. It is true when they say that prevention is better than cure, as early diagnosis promotes better treatment and reduced hospital expenses.

To reduce high temperature next medication are used: Paracetamol, Aspirin, Nabumetone, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Phenazone, Quinine.

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