Alan’s high blood pressure treatment with Accupril
July 2, 2013 Patients
high blood pressure treatment with accupril

by erix! under CC BY


Being a patient of High Blood Pressure, I was prescribed to take Accupril by my doctor. As soon as I started taking this medication for my high blood pressure, I started having dry cough along with a very dry throat. I felt like drinking water all the time.

I also experienced muscle and joint pains. Some of my joints and muscle started aching immensely, and I noticed some muscle weakness, as well. I frequently had bilateral or alternating hip pains which seemed out of control and felt they were more of muscle pain rather than joint.

Because of which I was not able to move around a lot. I also had a very bad experience of an acute onset of uvulitis after taking doses of Accupril for my hypertension disease.

All these side effects were also accompanied by dizziness. I felt light headed generally and felt like sleeping for long hours. I was always tired and did not feel like coming out of my bed at times. I also gained quiet a few extra kilos even when I exercise regularly. My sexual drive also diminished once I started taking this drug.

When I discussed all these problems with my doctor, he told me it is just a temporary phase, and it will go away in some time. But it just does not go away even after one year.

Now my doctor told me, even that if I stop taking this drug it would take at least three to four years before I stop coughing. Because of coughing I feel tired mentally and physically, as well.

Although Accupril keeps my BP under control, but it does not seem to work out when I am under stress. This drug is an effective medicine to lower the high blood pressure, but it comes with some side effects.

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